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Save two more days in Korea for “APAA Plus”


With great excitement for meeting members and observers in person, the APAA Korea Group and the Organizing Committee are planning to offer participants another opportunity — “APAA Plus” — to build up professional relationships with Korean companies and make your visit to Korea even more memorable and productive.


Immediately following the APAA meeting in Busan, the KINPA (Korea Intellectual Property Association) is planning to hold an annual conference in Seoul – “2022 KINPA Conference”. The KINPA is an association of in-house intellectual property experts from Korean companies, with the mission of contributing to growth and fostering competitiveness of member companies. (Please visit KINPA Conference website (http://kinpa-conference.co.kr/en/index.php ) for APAA Plus, and KINPA website (https://www.kinpa.or.kr/?english=english) for the full functions and member list of the KINPA)


The 2022 KINPA Conference will be held on October 20 and 21 in Seoul. From this year, KINPA conference is to transform into a global event welcoming participants from overseas as well as Korea. The KINPA expects that more than 500 domestic participants in total will be in attendance this year. The APAA Korea Group and the Organizing Committee are collaborating with the KINPA to facilitate the invitation of APAA participants to the Conference. More detailed information will be announced shortly via the KINPA when confirmed.