1. Where and when does the APAA 2022 conference take place?
APAA 2022 will take place on 15-18 October at the BEXCO in Busan, South Korea.
2. Which programs will be hosted at APAA 2022?
APAA 2022 will host Standing & Special Committees Meeting, Council Meeting, Workshops, Women in APAA, Welcome First Time Participants, Opening Ceremony, Welcome Reception, Hospitality Suite, Culture Night and Farewell Banquet.
3. How can I apply for the EXCURSION and AFP TOUR?
You can apply for these when you register.
4. I have not received the news-letter. What can I do?
Please check your junk mail box. Also you can check the NOTICE tab on the website.
[Registration & Accommodation]
1. I am a member of APAA, but I cannot log into APAA 2022.
The APAA 2022 official page is not linked to the APAA Association website. All members and observers need to sign up for APAA 2022.
2. I do not remember my account login.
If you do not know your membership number, please contact your relevant Recognized Group directly through here.
Recognized Group
3. How do I confirm my registration for APAA 2022?
When you complete your registration for an event, we’ll automatically send you an email confirmation. If you do not receive your confirmation, please contact us.
4. What should I do if I want to participate for the first time as an observer?
Please check the Observer page on the registration guideline page.
Registration Guideline

* More than one observer who has an observer ID can be registered at the same firm.
5. What is included in the registration fee?
It includes the fee for the excursion, AFP tour, session attendance, coffee breaks, and lunches (Oct. 16 & 18, 2022) etc.
6. When is the deadline for registration?
Pre-registration is until July 10, and regular registration is until August 24.
7. How can I receive an invoice for the registration fee?
After completing registration, you can check on Mypage.
8. Can I cancel my registration?
All requests for cancellation of registration must be submitted to the conference organizer, APAA 2022 Secretariat, by email to registration@apaa2022.org.
For more details on cancellation, please check the registration guidelines.
Registration Guideline
9. May I send someone in my place to APAA 2022?
Substitutions may be made at any time before APAA 2022 begins, with payment of a handling charge. Your registration is transferable to another individual who is eligible to attend the Meeting.
10. How can I reserve an accommodation
APAA 2022 hotel reservations can be made after registration is completed.
[Traveling Korea]
1. Do I need to quarantine upon arrival in Korea?
All overseas travelers who have a COVID-19 negative result do not need to quarantine upon arrival in Korea.
2. Where can I check the entry requirements and quarantine measures of Korea?
Quarantine guidelines for overseas arrivals, click here
3. How can I prove that I am fully vaccinated?
From 8 June 2022 onward, it is not required to prove you are fully vaccinated.
4. How can I access the Q-Code system, and what do I need?  
To go to the Q-CODE website. Please be ready to provide: Valid passport information, valid flight booking details, and valid accommodation details etc.
Further details are available on the Q-CODE system website. The system works in both Korean and English. It is recommended that you print out your confirmation email from Q-CODE and bring it with you when entering Korea. Please check your junk mail in case it has been directed there.
5. How can I get to BEXCO from Incheon airport?
Go to Gimhae Airport by domestic flight or go to Seoul Station by AREX to take the train. Later, take public transportation to BEXCO. You can get more information from the General Information>Transportation page. For more information, please click here
1. How many times do I have to take a PCR test?
There is no requirement any more to take a pre-departure COVID-19 test before boarding a flight to Korea or after arrival in Korea.
2. Where can attendees take the PCR test on arrival?
Even if there is no requirement to take a COVID-19 test after arrival in Korea, those who show virus symptoms within three days of their arrival may undergo a free PCR test at public health centers across the country.
You can take a PCR test at the PCR test booth within BEXCO, as well as Incheon Airport, Gimhae Airport, and medical centers nearby your accommodation. For the list of centers or medical institutions, please click here
3. Is it possible to move to another location right after entering the country?
Yes, it is possible to move around in Korea without any restriction as long as you are free of COVID-19.
4. What document do I need to prepare when I go back to my country?
This depends on your destination country’s regulations and airline policy. Please check the relevant embassy.
1. I am wondering whether my country is a country requiring a K-ETA.
CLICK HERE, K-ETA is required for nationals of 104 different countries.
2. I am not from a K-ETA required country. How can I apply for a VISA?
Please apply for a visa at a nearby embassy or consulate. Find out in advance what visa you need to apply for and what documents you need to provide.
3. Where can I get an invitation letter for my visa application?
You can apply on Mypage after registration is completed.